An Atheists 12 Steps to Self-improvement - to accompany any program

An Atheists 12 Steps to Self-improvement
– To accompany any program

Want to beat drink, drug, gambling, overeating or sex addiction?

This site, Addicts 12 Steps, is for atheist and agnostic newcomers to, and followers of, the AA 12 step program who want to give up problem drinking, drugging, gambling, overeating or sex, to name five examples, but who are put off by the god stuff in the Alcoholics Anonymous twelve steps. Want to know if you are an addict? Check out ‘what is an addict’? under ARTICLES. On the Atheists 12 Steps page you can see a secular version of the twelve steps and the BUY BOOKS page gives links to buy the book: An Atheists Twelve Steps to Self-improvement (To Accompany Any Program).

Vince Hawkins is the author
of An Atheists Twelve Steps and An Atheists Unofficial Guide to AA. He attends AA and overeaters meetings. He is hopeful that when problem drinkers, drug users and others eventually hit their rock bottom and become desperate they will find help, too.

There is plenty of it out there, but the trick is in finding the right program to suit the stepper Not just targeting narcotics using, for example, but taking into account the individual’s beliefs and value system. Not just whether a detox in a rehab center is the answer, but whether the treatment program has a religious twist or if its meetings are truly all-embracing.

Other books by Vince Hawkins include his latest offer – Everyone’s an Addict – which is much more than 366 daily inspirational entries; it gives detailed practical tips on how to tackle addictions from a secular viewpoint. (This means freedom of religion, or non-religion, for all. Readers can choose from either the traditional steps or god-free alternatives for six of the 12.) The proposition is that everyone is an addict of one kind or another.

His first nonfiction addiction book was a self-improvement book for alcoholics – An Atheists Unofficial Guide to AA – and he recently branched out with a fiction novel – Trader Bob.

Vince Hawkins

Are you an addict who wants to stop, or a bad behaver who aims for self-improvement,
and you don’t want your program obscured by religion?

Then An Atheists Twelve Steps are for you

“The perfect antidote for patients who don’t believe in God and think AA is a cult”
Claudia R
” Your perspective helps me not feel alone and unable to work the program because I am an atheist”
Ted O
“Awesome supplement for any 12 step program”
Mathew M
“Pink Book ideal study tool for clinics and meetings”
Jolly Roger