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Here are links to Twelve Step fellowship websites that should all offer meetings lists for addicts. I hope that one day all addicts who travel will find a Secular Twelve Step group at their destination. By 2010 there were over 115,000 Alcoholics Anonymous groups in 150 countries with an estimated membership of over 2.1 million. The internet address is (Googling agnostic AA NYC or atheists AA meetings will produce information on non-religious groups.)

Narcotics Anonymous seems to be the next most widespread with 58,000 meetings in 131 countries.

Other chemical dependency groups include

Cocaine Anonymous at

Crystal Meth Anonymous at

Marijuana Anonymous at

Nicotine Anonymous at

Overeaters Anonymous has more meetings, 65,000 with about 54,000 members, though only in 75 countries.


Debtors Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous tackle related problems.

Another related trio are

Sex Addicts Anonymous at

Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous at

Sexaholics Anonymous at

Further Twelve Step programs in alphabetical order are:

Clutterers Anonymous at

Emotions Anonymous at (this comes up when you look up anger)

Violence Anonymous at (this group has only one meeting a week via a phone conference line)

Workaholics Anonymous at

To this list we can now add this book and which is the site associated with my previous book, An Atheists Unofficial Guide to AA.

There is even a joke site you will find by looking up Meetings Anonymous. But I have a better one. The meetings of Workaholics Anonymous are small in number at only 50 internationally. It has been suggested that this program is slow to expand because its members are too busy to attend meetings. Perhaps they would proliferate if they were called business meetings.

Also we should not forget family support groups

ACOA or Adult Children of Alcoholics at

Al Anon/Alateen at for family and friends of alcoholics

The same in the case of narcotics NarAnon at

CODA or Co-dependency Anonymous at

COSA or Co-dependents of Sex Addicts at

There are plenty of options so, as it nearly says in the Big Book, join us as we stride purposefully along the road of happy destiny.